7 keys to success in your studies

 Do you want to improve your results and boost your motivation for your studies? This practical guide brings together the best advice to help you succeed in your studies and in your life: orientation, method, life balance, commitment …

Each key gives concrete leads, for example, to build a project for the future, to learn to manage your time well, to self-assess, to concentrate well, to memorize more effectively …
To really succeed, you have to be motivated and know why you want to study, for what future project. So all your efforts make sense and you want to learn and progress, to pass your exams well and to move forward …
This is why the first key concerns the future plan and orientation, then the second invites you to get to know yourself better in order to choose the studies that will really suit you …
The third and fourth approach the methodology with advice to better memorize and better evaluate oneself; the fifth concerns concentration, the sixth life balance and stress and the seventh the development of interpersonal skills in extra-curricular activities.
Each point is based on examples and student testimonials. Many links lead to additional resources

The detailed summary of the guide

Key n ° 1: Build a project to carve out a future
How to build your professional project to make good career choices and give meaning to studies?
Key n ° 2: Choose the training location you need
How to take into account your learning profile to choose a field where you will succeed and flourish?
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Key n ° 3: Work with regularity to memorize effectively
How to distribute your work over time to optimize your efforts and learn easily?
Key n ° 4: Know how to self-assess to better succeed in your exams
How can you control your learning and secure your success?
Key n ° 5: learn to concentrate to study quickly and well
How do you eliminate distractions and maintain good concentration when studying?
Key n ° 6: Manage your sleep and your fitness to limit stress
How to take into account your sleep patterns to overcome fatigue?
Key n ° 7: Make a commitment to deploy all your talents
How to take advantage of student life to develop skills that will be appreciated by recruiters?

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