7 Tips and tricks to study like a pro for your exams

Sometimes, we think that we study much worse when we arrive at the exam, we understand that we really haven’t studied so well. And when we receive our exam copy, we realize that ultimately, our study method is definitely not optimal …

After some ultimate strategies for taking good class notes and tips for handling with exam stress , here’s some tips for studying like a pro for your EXAMs.

Here are 7 tips:

1. Distribute your time well to be more productive


To increase your productivity and therefore your efficiency, distribute your time well . Divide your study sessions into blocks of 20 to 50 minutes.
You can assign each block a different subject for which you will study. You can structure your time in such a way that you have several study sessions per week, which you will allocate to different courses.
If a class gives you more trouble, give it more time.

2. Choose a suitable place for your study sessions


Where you study has a big impact on your efficiency. Pick a place where you feel good. Preferably bright and quiet, where you won’t be disturbed every 5 minutes.
Make sure you have everything you might need close at hand: your books, a bottle of water / coffee, a snack, kleenex, pencils / highlighters, study cards, etc.
If you always get up to get something, you will not be effective in your study. And keep your cell phone as far away from you as possible. You know how much he can distract you! Your snapchats and text messages will be waiting.
If that helps, you can listen to music while studying . Some studies have found that music helps study, but it depends on the people. If you want to listen to music while studying,
I suggest songs with instrumental only, so that the lyrics don’t distract you. You can also listen to nature sounds or classical music in the background.

3. Establish your priorities


Prioritize your assignments and reviews, so you can spend time where it’s really needed. You can create a review schedule to help you organize yourself more and / or a timeline to better see what is most pressing in your study.
Go ahead and separate most of your study into several smaller parts. It will seem less big to you and it will therefore be less discouraging for you!

4. Don’t fool

The morning is the perfect time to study. You just woke up, all your senses are awake and your brain is ready to receive new information.
Studying in the evening isn’t that bad, but with your whole day in the body, you may have a harder time getting the information in.
In any case, you need to study at times when you are more efficient. You will save a lot of time and memorize much faster.

5. Diversify your ways of studying

There are several study techniques that exist to maximize your chances of success.
You can :
✓ Reread your course notes aloud to better memorize them;
✓ Transcribe your notes on paper or make yourself a table / graph;
✓ Summarise your readings in your own words (as if you were explaining it to someone else)
✓ Create songs with (I swear, it works)
The important thing is to find one (or more) tip (s) that will help you. It may take time to find the right study technique for you, but it’s worth it! You will find the winning combination and score every time!

6. Give yourself breaks


It is super important to give yourself breaks between each study period. Between two study sessions, go around the block to oxygenate your brain.
Have a snack, listen to music, stretch, in short , take it easy.
Now is not the time to start an episode of Breaking Bad ! The goal is not to demotivate you to return to study mode or to lose your concentration completely, but to simply ventilate your brain to better continue studying afterwards.

7. Take it easy

There’s no point in stressing. I’m the first to do it, and I know how bad it is to be too stressed out. Yes it is important, the school.
But your physical and mental health is just as important – if not more so.
Don’t take it at the last minute like a lot of people do too often! Plan ahead, so you won’t be too rushed before the exams.
In short, take it easy.

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