How to Study effectively

 In this article: Create Good Study Habits, Study with Course Notes.



Studying with Textbooks 24 References Studying may seem like a huge task, but it is important to learn this skill at school and in life.

Learn to study more effectively can improve your score and help you retain more knowledge. Setup may take some time at first, but the more you practice, the more effective you will study!


✓ Part 1 Create good study habits

✓ Part 2 of 2: Study with class notes

✓ Part 3 of 3: Study with textbooks

Part 1 Create good study habits

1.Study with the right thinking. Research has shown that the mindset a study uses is almost as important as the content and the way one learns.


✓ think positively. Do not overwhelm or intimidate. Believe in yourself and your ability to meet this challenge.
✓Avoid thinking about the worst case. Manage your time and see the good side of every situation, even if it seems stressful or unpleasant. Don’t overdo it, because your optimism can make you underestimate the importance of the test or get easily distracted.
✓ Consider each obstacle presenting itself as an opportunity to learn and grow.
✓Avoid comparing your ratings with others. The competition will confirm you more.
2. Stick to the program. Having a curriculum will help you manage your time and productivity.
You will also be able to focus more easily on what you need to learn.
Write in the calendar or calendar the moments you choose to focus on your studies. You may be more inclined to view study sessions as a serious responsibility if you do so.
3. Change your work environment. Studies show that alternative places of study can improve our ability to memorize what we learn quickly.


✓ Find out if you study better in a quiet or noisy place.
✓ Study by opening windows (weather permitting). Studies have shown that fresh air provides energy and revitalizes the body.
4. Be as comfortable as possible. Don’t get too comfortable to fall asleep, but be aware that the discomfort may prevent you from concentrating.
Create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for students.
✓ Choose a chair where you can sit comfortably for more than one hour per session. Use a table or desk to dispose of study materials properly.

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